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Who we are

Dana Plast is the leading plastic manufacturing company in Nigeria with over 25 years experience in the plastic manufacturing industry. We produce premium designed products and manufacture custom built as well as general purpose products. Our range of innovative products crafted with the highest degree of precision caters to a host of companies both locally and globally.

Commitment to Service

Over the years, we have continually excelled at producing high quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing products to serve and provide immense value to our clients. Regardless of what your needs are, Danaplast, with the aid of our cutting edge manufacturing technology offers you an array of beautifully designed products to suit your every need without breaking the bank.

Our promise

Been the foremost plastic manufacturing company to be recognized as a benchmark of quality and awarded with the Nigerian Industrial Standards Certification (NIS) by the Standards Organization of Nigeria, our customers can rest easy knowing that we at Danaplast are with you all through the way from the manufacturing process down to post delivery periods. Our host of friendly customer relations experts are always at your service.

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